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You Are Beautiful

Our mission is to make you realize that you are beautiful. We believe that our world has poisoned our perception of beauty and warped it into something that we believe is ugly and cruel. Our culture has been conditioned by corporate advertising that to be beautiful we have to be young, skinny... flawless on the outside. This ideal is pushed in front of us daily and we are made to feel inferior until we reach an unobtainable goal.

We buy ointments, creams, and serums, for the slightest chance that they might work so that we can look like the women in the magazines who have had their every blemish digitally removed. The result is desperation, a lack of trust, and a realization that we simply are not beautiful... This is so far from the truth.

We believe that every woman is beautiful.

We believe beauty is something special... something that a magazine can never show us. We also know that some things are in fact reversible; that there is scientific research that shows that some products do work. Our goal is to show you how to take care of your skin, be transparent, make products that are backed by logic instead of speculation. We will do the right thing. If we mess up, we will fix it. And above all else, we will care.

We know what it feels like and we want you to know that we are on your team. Together we can change how people perceive beauty and start a revolution of the heart.

Let's get to it.

- The Beauticell Team